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Agricultural commodities are an important aspect of daily life which in broad sense can be defined as a basic produce exercised in commerce interchangeable with other goods or other accepted means of financial instruments. Agricultural commodity trading some time ago necessitated substantial amounts of time, money, and expertise, and was primarily limited to professional traders but however in the present day, there are more options for participating in the commodity markets and contributing to the ever growing market plus acquiring along with returns to their investments. We at global comities are a team of expert merchants well versed in agricultural produce trading with a main focus on the trading of edible oils and other allied agricultural produces.

Our enthusiastic services in this sector include:

  • Facilitating edible oil supplies and shipments to a variety of ports spread across the country.
  • Advancing local and high seas agricultural produces and edible oils trading at different locations in India.
  • Providing expert and strategic solutions to the risk factors involved in the business.
  • Assisting buyers of soya bean oils with a range of services thereby emerging as a one stop solution provider in the sector.
  • Enabling the genuine sourcing of soya bean seeds and oils resources to interested purchasers in the local markets.


Business objective and strategy

Business objective
  • Offering consistent and fool-proof services in the mentioned sector and stand out as a leading and dependable organization.
  • Establish a strong presence in the key locations of the country and exploit business probabilities in unrepresented areas.
  • Build steadfast business relationships with clients by providing exceptional services precisely keeping in mind their requirements.
  • As production and marketing aspects of agricultural produce are interlinked with each other market-driven production rather than production–propelled marketing is the mandate that we practise to stay on par with the ever changing markets.
  • Since efficacy of the agricultural marketing system has to be assessed in terms of both the infrastructure facilities and different marketing practices we at global commodities strive to keep our-self at the top position by applying strategic plans and implementations well in time.
  • Given that the contemporary marketing system is no more restricted to controlled market changes in the dynamics in the agricultural economy has brought about changes. We strategically bring about necessary variations in the form of different alternative marketing systems such as Contract Farming, Direct Market, Futures Market, Spot markets, Group Marketing, Hub and Spoke model of terminal markets as needed to achieve the required results.

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